Matchless London

In 1878 , Henry Herbert Collier founded a company under the name Matchless bikes in the district of Plumstead in London.

The company quickly achieved great notoriety. In 1899 the first Matchless motorcycle was created , and production began in 1901. All motorcycles are then marked with a winged M on the tank , a symbol synonymous with quality and upscale .

Thanks to the foresight of its contractors , Matchless was the first motorcycle company to work on driver safety . In fact , they have created a study where clothes were designed to protect motorcyclists ( who were then tested by the best riders of the time) department .

During the same period , Matchless has developed an expertise in quality leather clothing , especially clothing motorcycle racing .

In the postwar period , the brand has gained notoriety and was considered the most powerful and stylish bikes of the period .

In terms of advertising, Matchless waited for 30 years and shows for the first time the link between motorcycle and elegance.

Marlon Brando, motorcycle enthusiast , was equipped with the brand. He even stuck a sticker "M" on his motorcycle as a sign of independence and rebellion.

Today , Kate Moss is the new face devenuela Matchless Spring / Summer 2014.