"Any idea that has major consequences is always a simple idea." Lev Tolstoy

In 1965, Leon-Claude Duhamel invented the first K-Way that will revolutionize french people's life.

"One day I had an appointment in Paris. And I waited at the Café de la Paix. The weather was uncertain, I was sitting outside and I saw a woman with two children spend in front of me. Both children were wearing red nylon. Something original that I had never seen before. I took my notebook and wrote: clothing red nylon.

One day I thought about it, went through my notes and I thought I had to do something. "
Locked in the back room of his father, he produced a model to become a celebrity: a simple waterproof unisex jacket, made ​​of nylon, colorful. Success is all about following the appointment with 45 million units sold between 1965 and 1992.

But a fire in the factory in 1992 marked the fall of the brand.

Bought in 1992 by Pirelii in 1996, by the Italian bank Sopaf, the brand now owned (2004) to the Italian group: Basic Net.

Why the name K-Way? "The advertising agent wanted an American name. We wanted to believe it was an American product straight from the United States". "If "then became K-Way.

Where does the banana? "At the time, there was a front pocket. In the handling, I returned it. From there came to me the idea."

Freedom, that is the concept of K-Way, be free to move "when it rains"

Today, homecoming for the K-Way which make its reappearance in France. New style, new materials, new printed. But still colorful, intelligent, practical and fun, the famous windproof has not finished talking to him!